Stump Removal by Complete Tree Service of St. Louis, LLC

Complete Tree Service offer stump removal St. Louis communities

We offer stump removal service using a machine to grind the stump and surface roots 12 inches below the ground’s surface and proceed by back-filling the hole, with the mulch, to make level with the ground’s surface.  We do this process with safety and customer satisfaction in mind.

Complete Tree Service of St. Louis offers Stump Removal service to the following St. Louis communities, but not limited to:

  1. St. Louis City
  2. St. Louis County
  3. St. Charles
  4. St. Charles County
  5. Franklin County
  6. Jefferson County
  7. Ballwin, MO
  8. Chesterfield, MO
  9. Crestwood, MO
  10. Eureka, MO
  11. Frontenac, MO
  12. Ladue, MO
  13. Overland, MO
  14. South City, MO
  15. St. Charles, MO
  16. Town and Country, MO
  17. Webster Groves, MO
  18. Central City, MO
  19. Clayton, MO
  20. Creve Couer, MO
  21. Fenton, MO
  22. Kirkwood, MO
  23. Maryland Heights, MO
  24. Richmond Heights, MO
  25. South County, MO
  26. Sunset Hills, MO
  27. University City, MO
  28. Wildwood, MO