We had a huge old Hickory tree, about 70 feet tall, that was surrounded by heavy woods on one site and a 12 foot tie wall that housed my shade garden across the front of the tree. After a recent storm, 2 huge limbs cracked and were dangling directly over my garden. I think my husband mentioned the importance of keeping peace in our home by removing the tree without damaging my garden. I must admit I was convinced I would be spending the rest of the summer putting my garden back together once the tree was removed. What a fabulous surprise to come home and see that not only you had removed the tree, there was not so much as a twig left behind or a flower pedal touched in my garden. The tree was removed, my garden was untouched, and most importantly, my husband is enjoying a peaceful household. I do believe there is not a job that you and your guys could not handle.

Bravo......., Reggie Ament, Ellisville, MO

I would like to thank you for the excellent job you performed in removing the 60 foot maple tree from my backyard and trimming the two ash trees in the front of our house.

I am a professional property manager and as I do for my clients, I collected 3 bids before awarding this contract to your company. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism, skill, and promptness you exhibited during this entire process. Within days of my initial contact with you following an on site inspection of my property you submitted an extremely competitive bid, as well as references, and a copy of your insurance certificate.

On the designated day of the work your crew arrived promptly. I happened to be home for part of the day observed the following: Despite working in a small area bordered by electrical and phone wires, two sides of our backyard fence, and just a few feet from our swimming pool, your men managed to take down this huge tree without damaging a thing. Not only that, but I watched one of your men remove leaves and even take our pool net and scoop out as much of the small debris as he was able at the end of the job. They did an excellent job of grinding the stump, which will make it quite easy for me to add topsoil and grass seed this fall.

I want to thank you again. Your crew worked in blistering heat – it was at least 100 degrees, and the breaks they took were brief. They did a wonderful job of cleaning up after themselves and I would highly recommend your company to anyone, residential or commercial who is in need of the services you offer. Feel free to use me as a reference.

Stu Cassell