Trees should be cleared, 2 to 4 feet, from the roof and sides of your home to allow for maximum air circulation to keep this area dry, and will also make your home less susceptible to damage from limbs.

Removing low hanging limbs will create better air circulation over the turf area and allow for easier movement around this area.

Thinning and removing dead wood from your trees has many benefits:

  • Better air flow to allow for nutrients.
  • Less susceptible to insect and disease infection.
  • Will allow wind to pass through, which provides less stress on the forks of the trees, so there will be less damage to the tree in a storm.

Tree Removals

Trees crowded into an area can put unwanted stress on the trees because they will not receive enough sunlight, moisture, or nutrients from the soil. Dead trees should be removed to provide safety to you and your property. Leaning trees, that can’t be cabled, should be removed so they do not fall over.